Does a WordPress website offer the best SEO results?

WordPress has been a preferred SEO tool for many years, and businesses that want to reach a wider audience know that building a WordPress website is one of the best ways to improve their search engine rankings.

In the last 12 months, however, Google has announced changes to the way that it lists web pages, and some companies are now looking anxiously at their WordPress site, wondering if WordPress web design for their Gold Coast business is still the best way to boost SEO.

WordPress in 2017

In October of last year, Google announced changes to the way that it listed websites, with a greater focus on mobile-optimisation.

This means that the standard formula is no longer enough to get SEO rankings. In fact, using WordPress may not raise your search engine rankings significantly.

The website is still best for creating blogs, and with professional web design, it can be easy to create your own website without too much investment.

This makes it more suited for small businesses and companies that are not able to spend a lot on digital branding.

Why WordPress is still best for small businesses?

If you want an effective SEO tool that can be positioned in the correct spot straight out of the box, then you are looking at a WordPress website.

There are several elements which allow a business to take control of their website, including:

  • HTML markup – WordPress delivers HTML pages to users, and imported themes can take
    advantage of this
  • SEO positive – Many of the things that WordPress can do will help your SEO, including linking
    to keywords in pages and posts, so they are easily found by search engines
  • Easy content – text is still the best way to push your SEO, and in WordPress it is very easy
  • Optimising Images – now you can also make your visuals SEO friendly with tags, descriptions
    and keywords.

Still the best SEO platform for beginners

With so many steps that you can use to turn your website into an SEO powerhouse, WordPress is one of the best platforms for business users, and is really at its best when helping beginners to set
up their website, or work with WordPress web design teams on the Gold Coast to deliver a professional-looking website.

The program has gone a long way towards making itself as search-engine friendly as possible, so that you can build a fantastic site with great SEO capability.

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