Why Website Content Matters As Much As The Website Design

Running a website means generating traffic, and using that traffic to convert people from casual visitors into customers. Whatever type of website you are using, it makes sense to invest money in its creation, so you end up with an excellent series of webpages that draw the eye and keep people on your page. When it comes to generating traffic, you may believe that website design is the key to high traffic conversion, but there are several reasons why website content matters as much as the website design, and why you need to pay attention to the former in order to ensure you retain visitors and turn them into customers.

Custom content is the key to happy visitors

The main issue you need to consider is how you are bringing potential customers into your website. Estimates suggest that only around a quarter of all traffic is generated by the homepage. The rest arrive on your website through search engine results, and being guided to the site by keyword searches. This means that, even if you have a high quality website design, you need to have good information and keywords on every page in order to increase the opportunity of retaining a customer. Each page that carries content on your website will be indexed by Google and other search engines, and therefore increases the chances of finding interested visitors. In addition, if that content is customised for your website, so that it is relative to the searches of the individual, you are more likely to attract people who are interested in your products, and you will keep them.


Display your advantages

Customers won’t visit your website if all of your web content is simply about the usefulness of your products, or your company. Instead you have to supply visitors with useful information, demonstrating to them that you are experienced in this industry, and are therefore trustworthy. By demonstrating to people you have the necessary knowledge to create interesting content, you can help retain them as loyal customers. In addition, by generating relevant content, you can boost your search engine results with organic clicks. Since 2011, Google has been penalising poor quality content, meaning that websites without relevant or interesting content will simply be removed from the results. Good content is therefore your key into the world of casual visitors, and will help you to drive traffic to your door.

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