Ensuring your website plays well with Google is one of the cost-effective ways to promote your website and achieve organic results.

There are many things you can do that will help Google identify your site as authoritative, but it can be time consuming if the site is already up and running.

You can make these edits yourself – if you are proficient enough – or implement them into a new site’s design, otherwise make use of a local digital advertising agency such as Local Web Sites on the Gold Coast.

Write Content That Visitors Want to Read

Content is king when it comes to Google. If you are creating a new website and have hired someone for your web design on the Gold Coast, ensure their content is high quality.

Google looks at how long people spend on your site and if they don’t stay on your webpage for very long, the search giant will believe your content is not what they wanted.

If this happens often enough, Google will start to ‘think’ it must the quality of the page. This is why your content should always be of high quality, and provide a solution or answer a question for the on line searcher.

Have a Site Worth Linking To

Again, the phrase “content is king” is the rule here. Google rewards you for other websites that link to your content.

It shows that what you are saying is important enough for people to talk about the site and what it offers.

By having sites linking to your pages, Google will consider you an authority on a subject.

Many people pay people to link to their site across the Internet, but these practices are well known to search engines and there is every chance the Google will penalise you for doing so.

Reduce Loading Times and Make the Content Accessible

These are processes that can be undertaken by our agency which offers web design for local clients on the Gold Coast.

It is possible to do it yourself, but if it’s not done properly you create even more problems for your site.

Like content, loading times affect a visitor’s time on the website.

If you use Flash or large images to portray your information, Google may not be able to read your site’s content and will therefore ignore it.

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