Best Website Developers on the Gold Coast

Our website developers can help you design the perfect website for your business to help you grow your revenue base.

At Local Websites, we provide tailored solutions for individual start-ups and small businesses.

Whether you want to aim local in your neighbourhood or go for a wider customer base, we can help you.

Our website developers are experts in tailoring the best themes and designs. This includes WordPress website solutions to attract new customers and keep them on your site.

Aim High

While many businesses use WordPress to engage with the world, they do so for different reasons.

As WordPress templates are so powerful and eye-catching, we can help you and your business easily compete with your local competition.

At Local Websites, we know that every webpage tells a story. Our basic WordPress site has 10 site pages, which is quite often 7 or 8 more than some business sites use.

By fully utilising 10 pages, we can help you cover all parts of your operation, from mission statement to itemised delivery or service options.

Professional management shows through on websites more nowadays than in the past, so your site needs to be impressive.

Up to Date

We provide you with a dedicated account manager who remains with you and your project throughout the entire development phase and beyond.

It is vital to keep your WordPress website updated, as Google uses interactions to rank your site.

Your account manager will help you keep ahead of blogs, news and new products and services.

This will help to maintain a fresh feel for your site and your business.

Our E-Commerce option comes with all these great features and some expertly designed commercial product placements and payment options.

These ready-to-buy and easy-to-pay for features help your customers purchase your products and services more seamlessly.

As well as paying upfront for a yearly WordPress website service, we at Local Websites have a handy weekly lease package.

Over a 12-month contractual period, we give you access to all our expert services, including domain and hosting.

We also offer the flexibility to change parts of your site once throughout the month.

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To find out more about our tailored services and how we can help you create your ideal WordPress website call us on 0414 016 503.

You can also contact us through our website and fill in the contact form.


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